Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little information on migration

First of all please remember that we do not have a contract for a new LMS at this time, so all plans are extremely tentative.

We will try to run a very small pilot this summer and a larger pilot in the fall. I am not taking volunteers for those pilot courses as yet, so don't even ask. :^)

Training for faculty will be available this summer. The RFP committee did an extensive reference check during the selection process which included several questions about faculty training. The general consensus was that D2L is very intuitive and that the built-in help is quite good. Most schools we contacted said their faculty needed less than two hours of training to feel comfortable in D2L. Karen plans to offer training in a variety of formats including just-in-time, facilitated online workshop, and face-to-face.

I will keep you updated as we are able to make decisions about the migration process. Let me just say though, that I expect it to be significantly easier than the last time around. The more we do these the better we get at managing the process!

Lisa Cheney-Steen

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