Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Counting down. . . .

As you all finish your course conversion work, we would like to thank you for your hard work on this project. It’s always a challenge to change LMSs; your dedication to making your new D2L courses top-notch is sincerely appreciated!

Keep these things in mind as you finish up:

Designers are getting to all the courses as quickly as possible, but they may not have made it through your class yet. Focus on the instructor tasks found on the conversion checklist in the D2L Community.

(Please note that the original checklist asked faculty to move and update the Instructor Widget. Designers have been adding and moving that Widget, so you may find that it is already place. If so, you can simply edit it to contain your information. If it’s not in place, you may either follow the instructions provided in training to add and edit it, or you can wait for the designers to add the Widget.)

Also, as you move through your courses checking links and images, fix those that you can fix (for example, links to outside web pages), and provide your mentor with the specific location of those things you are unable to fix.

Please continue to read the D2L info that appears regularly in your inbox and contact your mentors with D2L related questions.

We’re almost there! If you have questions, please remember to email me directly at donna.welschmeyer@cccs.edu instead of replying to this message.

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