Tuesday, November 24, 2009

D2L Face to Face Training Opportunities in December

I hope the end of your fall semester is wrapping up smoothly and you have a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving!

If you need more hands on experience with D2L before the spring semester courses are duped and you start teaching this spring, we have a few more training opportunities left this year.

Join us for face to face training at the Lowry Campus on December 2 from 10 am -2pm or on December 3 from 12pm-4pm. Register at https://www.rsvpbook.com/event.php?402726

Additionally, we will offer two more D2L Webinars in December. On Friday, December 4th from 1-3, join us for a General D2L Discussion and Question and Answer session. On Friday, December 17 from 1-3 join us for a Spring D2L Course Readiness Webinar. No registration is required for these sessions.

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