Wednesday, November 11, 2009

D2L Schedule Tip

While finishing up the Conversion Checklist for your master courses, I want to clear up some confusion on the Schedule. For the spring semester, you are required to have an updated course schedule page in your syllabus. You can save yourself time in January by updating this page now. To update this page:

-Click on Content
-Find the page in your Syllabus module
-Click the pencil to the right of the topic
-Edit the page
-Save it
-You may have to clear your cache in the browser to see your edits.

This is different from the D2L Schedule Tool that appears on the very top navigation bar. You are not required at this time to use or update that schedule tool as it is private to individual users. Nor are you required to use the Calendar widget that appears on your course’s home page.

If you have Conversion or any other D2L questions, please join us for the D2L QA webinar scheduled for this evening at 7pm. To access the webinar, log in at

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