Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Email, Email, and More Email!

Please do not reply to this message. If you have questions, please email amy.sorensen@cccs.edu.

TRUE OR FALSE- username@cccs.desire2learn.com email address is a valid email address which can be used outside of D2L?

FALSE--the email address you see in D2L, for example asorensen@cccs.desire2learn.com, is NOT a valid email address outside of D2L.

This semester we have had multiple student inquiries about emails they have sent to their instructor but the instructor is not responding. With a little research from the techies at D2L we have discovered that students are trying to email their instructor using an outside account, such as gmail or yahoo, and these messages are not getting delivered to the internal D2L email.


Do NOT list your cccs.desire2learn.com address on your instructor widget or Instructor Information page!! Students will try to use this address outside of D2L and then be disgruntled when the message is not delivered to you. :O)

If a student complains that you are not responding to their emails. Let me them know that they only way they can email you is using the Email tool within D2L or with the alternate address you have provided such as your cccs.edu email account.

If you have not setup your CCCS email account or have questions, please email profhelp@cccs.edu.

If you are a new faculty ProfHelp will be contacting you with your new CCCS email information and login credentials as soon as these accounts are ready to go!

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