Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reporting student attendance for session 2

Just a reminder that tomorrow is census for session 2 courses. You should report on student attendance for any students in session 2 courses tat you may be teaching by midnight tomorrow, Thursday, October 14. More information on our attendance policy and how to report on student attendance is listed below. Please let me know if you have any questions.


CCCOnline's attendance policy helps to identify students who do not intend to actively participate in courses. If necessary, courses will need revised to comply with the Attendance Policy. Contact your Program Chair for guidance with necessary revisions.

To comply with this policy, each CCCOnline course must require students to:

1. Participate in an "Introductions" discussion, which may or may not be graded.

2. Submit a graded, content-related assessment prior to the census date.

- The census date is the last day to drop in a term (see the Academic Calendar).
- The assessment must be content related – it should not be a "syllabus quiz".
- The assessment may be a Dropbox, Quiz, or Discussion

Process for verifying student attendance

Use the following instructions:

1. By Census Date (Oct 14th), login to the Faculty Gateway through the faculty portal at :

2. Click the "Online Roster" link.

3. Click the "Attendance Register" link next to the title of the course.

4. Click on the checkbox for “Introductory Discussion” if the student completed an Introductory Discussion post.

5. Click on the checkbox for “First Assignment” if the student has completed the first assignment (Recall that this assignment should be a graded, content-related assignment.).

6. Click on the checkbox for “Extenuating Circumstances” if the student did not post to the Introductory Discussion or the content-related assessment, but you have additional information that leads you to believe that the student may be active at a later date. The “Extenuating Circumstances” designation might be selected, for example, if:

- The student communicated with you or class peers elsewhere in the course.
- The student notified you s/he will start the term late.
- The student has given you other reasons to expect s/he may become active.

7. After selecting the designation for each student, click the “Submit” button to save your selections.

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