Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Student Authentication Process

Starting this Monday, October 11, your students may receive a series of authentication questions designed to help us authenticate and verify student identities. This process is managed by a third-party called Acxiom. This is part of our on-going efforts at improving student identification, attendance and retention (see the previous post from Lisa on Sept 13, "Attendance Policy for Students/Formerly No-show).

The following e-mail has been sent to all students regarding the start of our use of Acxiom on Monday. PerceptIS has also been informed of this change.


CCCOnline Course Authentication and Participation Policy (CAPP)

To improve our overall program integrity, ensure that each student is doing his/her own work and comply with our home colleges’ accreditation agencies, CCCOnline is implementing the following steps:

• During the semester, students may be presented with random pop-up security questions when logging into their online course(s).

• All students will be required to complete at least two assignments within the first two weeks of the semester.

Students who do not meet the CAPP requirements may be reported by their instructor to the CCCOnline Student Services Department.

The random security question authentication process is managed by Acxiom, a third-party company. CCCOnline does not have access to this database. This data is secured by Acxiom, which complies with student privacy and FERPA regulations. Acxiom’s privacy policies are available at

After the student enters his/her S# and password on the D2L login page or accesses D2L via the portal, a screen appears to “Verify Your Identity.”

Students should type their current address into the Identification Verification box.

• After the address is submitted, up to four questions will appear on screen asking Identity Verification questions. There may be a short delay before these questions display on the screen.

• Students should answer the questions honestly, and keep in mind that “none of the above” may be a valid answer for some questions.

• After students answer and submit their answers to the Identity Verification questions, there is a delay before the student is logged into their online course. This delay can last up to two minutes. Please be patient and do not click the submit button multiple times.

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