Monday, December 04, 2006

Below is a text of an email from Cindy Hesse on the loss of personnal data. I understand many of you were probably new hires in that time period because of the way the state submits information for bi-weekly payroll.


The company that contracts with the Colorado Dept. of Human Services for New Hire reporting and for Family Support Registry (the central registry for child support payments in Colorado) had a laptop stolen in October that contained records of all new hires reported for the previous 6-8 months. If you were hired by CCCS during this time frame, you may be receiving a letter regarding this incident. The information sent in to this company from Department of Personnel - Central Payroll Office is name, SSN, and date of birth. The report is created at central payroll for any new employees entered in to CPPS, our current payroll system. The reporting of this data is a federal requirement.

Human Services compiled a letter with information for all State employees who could be affected, and they should be sending it out shortly, if you haven't already received a letter. You may recall that there were several articles in both the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post when this happened back in October.

Please note that any of you potentially affected by this incident should monitor your credit information closely for at least the next year. I have been previously advised by police officers that often in these situations, the people who take this data with the intent of committing identity theft, will sit on the information for up to six months until the affected individuals and alerted credit agencies 'let their guard down'.

I would also advise you to file a report of stolen information with the credit agencies so that your information may be more closely monitored and in the event you have illegal activity under your identification, you will have an easier time correcting the problem.

As far as we know at this time, there have been no reported cases of identity theft from the theft of this computer.

If any new information becomes available regarding this situation, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you and don't hesitate to call my office with any specific questions or concerns.

Cindy Hesse
Director of HR - CCCS


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