Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Grades and Last Remarks to Students and Thank You

Hi All,

John Schmahl is providing reports on the grades that have been coming in. Thanks to each of you -- we all look forward to having the last cross the finish lines also! Please help us close the grades piece on this term!

Last, given what Lisa mentioned in the post before this one, please let your students
know the last date you'll be checking the course for their questions and their concerns regarding the final grades--

As she put it:
Students get an extra week of access to the course shells now (two weeks total) because the colleges prefer that and this was a decision we needed to make as a group. We do not expect you to check email, etc. for two weeks after classes end. Would you do me a favor though and post a note to your students letting them know the last day you will be checking the course shell. That is probably the day you plan on turning in grades, so no later than Thursday this week.

Please direct students to the student support form if they need to reach you after the last day you plan to access the course shell. The form is located at or the support center phone number is 1-800-801-5040.

Of course if you want to check on your course for the full two week period you are welcome to. :^)


Thank you again for all you have done to forward the learning of those who take courses through CCCOnline during the term of new implementations. Here's wishing you a great break.

All Best,



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