Monday, December 04, 2006

Planned Downtime for Vista

Hi Everyone -

Here's a note from David:


The upgrade to Application Pak1, SP1 is scheduled for Wednesday, December 20 at 12 AM. The maintenance window will proceed for an estimated 48 to 52 hours. There will be no access to Vista during this time or until the server is back online. There will be another maintenace window perhaps a week later, but I do not have a time on that. The second one is to backup the data for us. All of this is planned for after the end of term and at a time of least activity. The students will continue to have access to their courses until two weeks after the end of the term. I will put up a notice to all users about the Dec. 20 maintenance window at the beginning of that week and also again when needed possibly the following week.

David Chatham
I kind of doubt many of you were planning on spending a lot of time online those days, but just in case....

When you come back in January we may be on Application Pack 1, which is actually nice because we get some interesting features out of that including the new rubric grading tool and goals page. Phyllis and Sharon are working on developing some training on new features for all of us.


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