Friday, December 01, 2006

Finishing the Term, Planning for the Next

Hi All,

This link provides information for bringing closure within your course, handling incompletes, and saving the gradebook:

Ending the Term

You May also want to consider communication tools and adding RSS feeds like those just posted at CCCOnline Faculty Source:

CCCOnline Faculty Source
(A link to this blog can also be seen under Links at the right.)

And that includes your own professional development. To that end, please check out new and ongoing Training Sessions for 2007:

2007 Training

The end of term and traininglinks have been saved in under the tag CCCOnlineFaculty.

To add links you would like to share, logon at delicious as user: ccconlinefaculty and with password: ccconline2006 (lower case, no spaces).

Thanks again for all you are doing. Here's wishing you a smooth end of term.

All Best,


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