Monday, October 09, 2006

CCCOnline Website down Sunday

Hi Everyone-

The website was down from 7:00 Sunday morning through 9:00 that evening. Anyone going directly to the classes through those server URL's didn't notice that and was able to get into classes. Students who access the classes through the main website were not able to get to classes. It looks like students in Vista are tending to access through the Vista server URL (, so most of them were in classes on Sunday. CE students on the other hand, seem to access classes primarily through our main website.

Going forward we will make more of an effort to let all students know the "backdoor" url.

FWIW, the reason it took so long to get it fixed is because the notification software we use was pointing to the older version of the main website instead of to the version we are transitioning to. We have now transitioned the notification software. :^(


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