Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vista Faculty Guides on the Wiki

Hi Everyone-

Phyllis Dobson and Sharon Taylor have created a series of fabulous faculty guides to Vista. These guides can help you with common problems and issues within Vista or just let you know what is available.

The guides are located on the faculty wiki at www.facultywiki.ccconline.org. Follow the link to WebCT Vista and then to FAQ. If you sign in on the wiki you will be able to comment directly on the guides by using the discussion tab. Please do comment if you see an error or have a better way to accomplish a task or just have a general comment on the tool/software. If you have a topic you think should be included, feel free to add a page.

I'm also taking comments on the wiki, how we should use it, what information should be included, how it should be organized, etc.


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