Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vista Technical Difficulties

Good Morning All!
We've been experiencing some Vista technical issues this week - you might be having problems with
  • Not being able to open/close discussions.
  • Not being able to post announcements.
  • Not being able to upload/download attachments.
  • Getting Remote Access errors.
We are aware of these issues and have sent in tickets to BlackBoard for technical help. Unfortunately these seem to be intermittant problems and sometimes there is a "window of opportunity" to open/close discussions etc. If you continue to try you may find the problem goes away when you least expect it.

Please let your Vista Volunteer know if you have experienced any of these isssues, particularly if you are able to replicate the problem.
Also.........Microsoft issued an Internet Explorer update the other day. Information from David:
IE 7.0 is an unsupported browser. That means it'll probably work with most stuff but may have issues with others. They'll get the browser check message telling them so. Also, it is not supported in Banner.


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