Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dear Faculty:
Below is an analysis from Blackboard on our server capacity and upgrade. They will be adding two additional nodes to our configuration at no additional cost to our current contract. David will be sending more information on the next available upgrade opportunity when Blackboard determines the root cause of the upgrade failure. Thanks for your continuing patience.


Dear David Chatham:
The following note has been added to Case ID 422935 Case Summary:Upgrade Software {Note Created Date: 10/26/2006 11:29AMNote Summary:

David, The following report has come from the HostingTeam:---There are currently 108,230 accounts that are enrolled in at least onecourse across all institutions. The breakdown by institution is asfollows:
Arapahoe Community College 8218
CCCOnline 8697
Colorado NW Community College 1314
Community College of Aurora 5626
Community College of Denver 10327
Front Range Community College 40304
Lamar Community College 1029
Morgan Community College 1896
Northeastern Junior College 2302
Otero Junior College 1594
Pikes Peak Community College 11965
Red Rocks Community College 7325
Pueblo Community College 5860
Trinidad State Junior College 1773
-------Total 108230
Understanding that many courses with enrollments are not currently being taught, the data was reduced to only those accounts that have logged induring the past 30 days. This number is the best approximation to what Blackboard terms "active users". The total active users = 19,645.

Based on further investigation, usage by these users indicates a veryhigh level of activity (probably close to 10% concurrency) which placesthe current deployment at full capacity. As such, we recommend addingtwo additional application nodes to the cluster to alleviate congestionon the application tier and to provide a buffer if one node has to betaken out of commission for any reason.

Further details on the analysis are included at the end of this document in the Appendix. This will be provided to CCCS at no charge for the remainder of thecurrent contract due to the immediacy of the need. Blackboard is moving hardware into place immediately to perform this addition and needs to schedule a period of downtime with CCCS to complete the work. The investigation into why the product upgrade was taking an extended period of time is still under investigation with Product Development. We fully intend to schedule the upgrade with CCCS as data on the rootcause becomes available.

----Once the team has some windows to provide me with I will communicate those back to you.
Best regards, Larry DonnellTeam Lead / Client Support ASP Blackboard

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