Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Managing Discussions Workshop

Just as a side note -- This workshop is required for all first year CCCOnline faculty. It's also a great chance to spend some time with Alice Bedard-Voorhees who is facilitating it from her new home with the Colorado Mountain College!

Managing Discussions Workshop

The Discussion area of your online course is the online classroom…the place where you and your students exchange ideas, ask questions, solve problems, work together. How do you manage this important aspect of your class?

The following questions are addressed in the workshop, and more!

  • What type of question should I ask to get students to participate?
  • What do I do if my students don’t participate?
  • How much am I expected to participate in discussions?
  • How do I grade discussions?
  • What is the Virtual Speakers Bureau, and how do I use it?
  • It takes so long to grade student discussions. Is there anything that can help me manage my time better with this task?

In the Managing Discussions Workshop, you’ll discover ways to help you get students interacting, understand the CCCOnline expectation for faculty involvement, and develop solutions to common discussion issues (such as the quiet student, the chatty student, difficult students and more).

What you will get:

  • Information on theory and best practices for setting up and facilitating online course discussions.
  • Instructions on using Vista Discussion Tools.
  • Help with discussion problems, an introduction to the Virtual Speakers Bureau and an explanation of CCCOnline’s Quality Assurance expectations for faculty.

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What: Managing Discussions Workshop -- CCCOnline training workshop

Format: Facilitated, not self-paced. Be expected to spend at least an hour a day or more in this workshop.

Where: All Online

When: August 13th-24th (next session is September 10th -21st)

How: Register at http://cccs-lms.ccconline.org/RegistrationForm/

Facilitator: Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Ph.D.

For more information: Training@ccconline.org


CCCOnline Faculty Professional Development Requirements:

Before you teach: Getting Started

Your first year: Managing Discussions

Late in first year or early in second: Teaching with Vista 101 (Next Steps and Survival fill this also)

Every year afterwards: Some professional development activity -- an online workshop, Elluminate session, discipline meeting, the faculty conference, something you found outside of CCCOnline offerings. We're also working on developing some just-in-time self-paced workshops.

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