Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update on Tonight's Maintenance

I have a little more news on tonight's downtime. This is what went out to students:

Blackboard – the company that hosts CCCOnline classes – will make some critical repairs at its facility in Virginia tonight beginning at 10 p.m. The repairs probably can be done without disrupting access to CCCOnline courses. However, there is a chance that access to courses could be interrupted briefly.

To be safe, you should NOT start a test or online assignment that you cannot finish before 10 p.m.

The maintenance period could last several hours. CCCOnline will post a notice when the work is complete. You may continue to access their courses during the work, but be prepared in case there is an interruption.

If you try to login to a course and see a message about the repairs, you have been diverted to a different page. The next time you login, don’t forget to use this link:
The key point is that we may or may not be down. Blackboard is trying to do this without taking us down, but that may not be possible.

The purpose of the maintenance is to replace equipment critical to the back-up system. Right now if we go down unexpectedly we don't have a current back-up. That is a fairly critical problem.


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