Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Professional Development - What is required?

Hi Everyone-

I've received several requests for information concerning the CCCOnline training policy. Here's what we ask:

Before you teach a course you must complete the Getting Started online workshop. All of you on this list should have completed that already.

Sometime during the first year of teaching for CCCOnline (earlier is better) you must complete the Managing Discussions online workshop. You only have to take it once, but you are always welcome to re-take it at any time. The workshop has changed over the years and varies with facilitator also.

Also sometime during the first year, but not the first semester you teach, you need to take what is now Teaching with Vista 101. If you took either Survival or Next Steps you're finished with this requirement also.

Most of you have long completed those initial workshops. As an on-going instructor with CCCOnline we ask that you complete one professional development activity each year. That activity can be one of the online workshops, attendance at the fall faculty conference, one of the synchronous sessions offered via Elluminate, or a discipline team meeting. The training directors are also working on some self-paced online workshops to round out our offerings. in addition, you can let us know that you completed a relevant training activity somewhere outside of CCCOnline.

The other half of this discussion is the challenge of managing on-going professional development in your field. Unfortunately we can't send everyone to conferences or workshops in their discipline. We do however offer a $300 stipend to anyone who puts together a presentation to your peers on knowledge gained at one of those conferences. You can present from within your faculty lounge, via Elluminate, or at the fal faculty conference. We hope that helps to defray some of the cost of staying current in your field.

Hope this makes everything clear. :^)

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