Monday, July 30, 2007

Training News!

Hi Everyone-

The Training Directors have been working hard on some re-development work in the workshops. One goal has been to split the Next Steps workshop into two parts, now called Teaching with Vista 101 and Teaching with Vista 201. (Feel free to offer us more creative names.) 101's focus is teaching tools while 201 now contains the course development tools. It's best to take them sequentially, but not required.
Teaching with Vista 101

Sign up by August 7th.

Vista Next Steps has been retired. Its progeny are Teaching with Vista 101 (TwV 101) and Teaching with Vista 201 (TwV 201).
The focus of TwV 101 is teaching and facilitating tools, tech tips, and teaching tips.

  • What: TwV 101 - CCCOnline training workshop Where: All Online
  • When: August 13-24 (next session is September 10-21)
  • How: Register at
  • Format: Facilitated, 2-week self-paced
  • Time: 1 hour a day or more in this workshop
  • Who: Instructors who have been teaching in Vista for one or two semesters

Discussions are optional. But, if you have a specific problem area, bring your questions for class discussion, as we all learn from the experiences of others.

Teaching with Vista 101 is designed to prepare you for teaching with Vista beyond the basics. Specifically, TwV 101 will cover:
  • Grade Book
  • Discussions (creating categories, threaded topics)
  • Assessments (setting release criteria, grading paragraph/essay questions)
  • Assignments tool (return to student for further editing)
  • File Manager (unsubscribing files, using HTML Creator for editing links)
  • Tech Talk
  • Teaching Tips
TwV 201 will be offered later this fall. Combined, TwV 101 and TwV 201 prepare you with the skills needed to thrive in Vista! For more information on CCCOnline trainings, contact the training team at

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