Monday, September 21, 2009

Colorado EduIsland -- Second Life Event

Save the Date! - Colorado EduIsland is “Alive for Education” in SecondLife!

Event: Colorado EduIsland Open House and Training; “Alive for Education, Explore the Possibilities”
When: October 9th, 2009 from 3-6 pm
Where: Colorado EduIsland

Synopsis: The Colorado EduIsland Virtual World Committee (CEVWC) will be hosting “Alive for Education, Explore the Possibilities,” an educational and training event to introduce new and beginner users (i.e., “newbies”) to Second Life (SL). Discussing valuable skills of operating and utilizing SL for educational purposes will be the focus of the event. New and experienced users are welcome to join in the fun as we tour the island, participate in mazes, go on treasure hunts, and have a chance to meet new folks from various community colleges around Colorado.

Activities, both structured and unstructured, will be staged around the island for educators and students to discover basic functionality, maneuvering, and broadening of proficiency skill sets. There will be door prizes and plenty of free gifts for participators!

Planned training stations activities and exercises will be available to instruct you on:
  • How to maneuver, fly, and teleport your avatar
  • How to access and utilize the program menus and tools that come with your account and avatar
  • How to Change appearances, wear objects, and work with the inventory that comes with your account

Included , also will be fireside chats and other discussions which include topics on
  • how to teach in SL,
  • using various teaching tools and with other valuable educational conversations

And... We value your opinion, please if you will, fill out the following survey, so we can better serve you with your educational needs in SL.

Please feel free to ask email if you have any questions, and someone from CEVWC will respond to you!

We can’t wait to meet you in-world… If you are willing to come and experience the possibilities, we will be waiting to show you!

Best regards,
The Colorado EduIsland Virtual World Committee

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