Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Net Tutor

As promised, here is the login information for faculty who wish to take a look at NetTutor. Go to http://www.nettutor.com/nt/login.cgi?acode=4769531107. You will be asked to register. After completing the registration process, NetTutor will send an access code to your email account. Use that and your username to log in.

Keep in mind that since this is for faculty exploration, it is not a "live" site. Here's what our rep from NetTutor says:

"The link below will allow teachers and help-desk personnel to investigate the features of NetTutor fully. Keep in mind that, being a freebie, it is not a tutored site. That is, tutors will only accept questions from this group if they have time, and will respond to paper submissions only as time permits. An important function is that it allows instructors to reach our amazing customer service staff (by clicking the Customer Service Request link at the bottom of the page.

I doubt that any issues raised by students can be addressed more efficiently than by submitting a Customer Service Request, so I do not encourage their use of this page other than to become familiar with NetTutor."

So go ahead and explore and let us know what you think! Remember that NetTutor folks will be available at the fall conference later this month, too, to answer your questions.

Please remember that CCCOnline funds this service for students, and students may use 10 hours of tutoring free of charge. We prefer that students determine for themselves their level of need for the tutoring service and ask that you not require students to access this site for tutoring. Thanks!

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