Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hi everyone,
November 14th, faculty conversion clean-up and training deadline, will be here before we know it. Check out your responsibilities for conversion clean up in the D2L CCCOnline Community Course under Instructional Design. Log in to D2L today at

To Log in go to
User Name: S Number
Password: Current password

Vist this learning object to understand our unique training design for D2L and get a brief tour of the CCCOnline Community Course where training and your conversion clean up checklist are housed.

Our First Webinar is this Friday at 1pm with Mary Cash on D2L HTML Editor, Homepage, and News. No registration is required… join us at

Mark your calendar for Upcoming Webinar dates:
Oct 9 12pm-2 D2L Email and Discussions
Oct 16 1pm-3 D2L Content and Manage Files
Oct 19 9am-11 D2L Grades and Dropbox
Oct 26 9am-11 D2L Assessments
Nov 2 1pm-3 D2L Intelligent Agents and Release Conditions
Nov 13 1pm-3pm Final D2L Q&A

Visit this page for a list of webinars.

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