Monday, September 28, 2009

Time to Log in to D2L Training

Hello CCCOnline Faculty,
Many of you were able to log in to Desire to Learn for the first time at the conference on Friday, but I know many of you were not able to attend the event and are ready to get started!

The first task is to log in (Log In info below). When you log in, Click the CCCOnline Community course where D2L Essentials training is housed. If you have several courses, your community course is under the student tab. After opening the Community course, Read the news message in the middle of the screen, and then click on content (top left). There you will find your department's faculty lounge, a Design team section with information about conversion of your courses, and then the Training and Professional Development section. Begin to explore the D2L Essentials training with Start Here. (If you do not see the CCCOnline Community Course, please contact Lisa Marie Johnson .)

If your sandbox and master courses are available, they will be located under the instructor tab. (If you don’t see them yet, be patient as they are still working on them). Eventually, you may have one or more master courses that you will clean up for duping for the spring semester, and you will see one sandbox course. (If you don’t see what you are expecting, please contact your chair). The sandbox is a messy copy of your course and is just a space to play, experiment and make mistakes. By November 14, you must have your master courses cleaned up and your training quiz in D2L Essentials completed.

To support your efforts and lead you through the process, we will focus on a couple tools a week including a webinar with a design team member focusing on the use of the tools, and an hour for just Q&A. The first hour will be recorded for attendees to return to and those who aren’t able to join us to listen to when convenient.

The first tools we will examine are News, HTML Editor, and the Homepage. I recommend you check out the training information in the Community D2L Essenials course before the webinar. Votes were taken at the Faculty Conference and the favorite time was Friday at 1pm. So our first webinar will be via elluminate on Friday Oct 2 at 1pm with Mary Cash. Join us at No registration is required. You may want to visit for a complete list of upcoming D2L Webinars.

Unless you have received an Email with other instructions (be sure to also check your spam folder), you will log in to D2L with your S Number and current BANNER password.

To Log in go to
User Name: S Number
Password: Current password

Please let me know if you have questions.

Karen Kaemmerling
Director of Training and Professional Development

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