Wednesday, September 09, 2009

D2L Training

Hi Everyone-

As I have mentioned previously, the Training and Professional Development department has created a CCCOnline Faculty Community online course that everyone will have access to starting the day of the Faculty Conference, September 25th. In that course, you will have access to all of the training materials.

You will also have at least two other courses beginning on the 25th. The first is a copy of one of your courses from Vista labeled "Sandbox". This shell is just that -- a place to experiment with D2L features and tools where you don't have to worry about messing anything up. You will also have "Master" shells for each individual course you teach for CCCOnline. These are the shells that will need to be cleaned up and updated for the duplication process and spring teaching.

If you can't make the conference don't worry. All of the needed information for login will come out via email and blog the week after the conference.

At the Faculty Conference on the 25th we will focus on conversion and tools with sessions by the Training and Professional Development department and the Design team. If you can’t attend the conference or can’t get into a D2L session, more opportunities are available. Following the conference, we will focus on a couple of D2L tools each week with discussion topics, blog posts, and recorded webinars.

We will also have several face to face opportunities for you to register for. (The schedule for webinars and face to face sessions will be released soon.) Some of you may be taking training at other institutions; we don't want you to have to repeat training that you have received elsewhere unless you feel that you need the additional support. We will help you progress through the tools over a period of six weeks, and by the end you should be ready to teach in D2L and have your course converted and ready to go.

We want you to be able to self-assess your learning needs and to come to as much or as little training as you need. Everyone will need to complete a short quiz in the community course that acknowledges that you feel comfortable with essential skills in Desire to Learn and also gives you a place to request additional training.

If there are tools in D2L that you struggle with, please participate in that tool’s discussion, webinar, or contact your department mentor or Karen Kaemmerling. Once we complete the initial phase of preparing you to teach in D2L this spring, we will continue training opportunities this spring on great D2L features like the groups tool and rubrics.


Lisa Cheney-Steen
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