Friday, February 12, 2010

Discussion D2L Tip

Have you experimented with Grid View and Reading View in your D2L discussions yet? The default in D2L is to be in Reading View but many faculty and students prefer Grid View. Both you and your students control this setting for yourselves. To experiment with the views to see which is best for you:
-Click on Discussions
-Click on Settings on the left hand side
-Click on Grid View and Save
-Go back to discussions and see if you like it better.

You may also want to share this tip with students since they have to set it for themselves. I’ve started a D2L tips discussion in my course to help students adjust to D2L. For more tips on using discussions, join us from 1-3 pm for our D2L Discussion and QA Webinar today or go to the Webinars Archive page and listen to it at your convenience. To log into the webinar go to ... to listen to the webinar and other ones go to

If you have questions, please contact me directly at rather than responding here to everyone.

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