Tuesday, February 09, 2010

***Do not reply to this message*** If you have questions about the tutoring services offered, please email donna.welschmeyer@cccs.edu; if you have questions about adding the Helpful Links widget back to your course, please contact your mentor.

As a service to students, CCCOnline offers two separate tutoring services.

NetTutor is a 24/7 web-based tutoring service. NetTutor offers real-time online tutoring and homework help for core courses and skills. NetTutor is not an answering or proofreading/editing service. Students can access live tutorials in writing across many subjects, including math, accounting, business, statistics and economics, science, world languages, English, and social sciences. In addition, students can submit writing projects to the NetTutor Paper Center. While free for students, NetTutor is NOT free to CCCOnline, so please do not send students to this service as an assignment or requirement for your courses.

Previously students had to register to obtain access to NetTutor. Students now access NetTutor by clicking the appropriate link in the Helpful Links widget in a D2L course shell. . .so we HOPE you haven’t removed that widget.

If you removed the Helpful Links widget from your course, use the following steps or visit https://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Homepages_and_Navigation#How_do_I_Add_a_Widget_to_the_Course_Homepage.3F for help adding it back:
  1. Click on Edit Course on the Course Navigation BarClick on Homepages
  2. Select the active homepage
  3. Click on the Content/layout tab
  4. Scroll down to Add widget on the left hand column
  5. Add the Helpful Links Widget
  6. Move it up with the drop down arrow to right below the instructor widget

For Home page design standards, go to the CCCOnline Community under Instructional Design.

In addition to NetTutor, CCCOnline provides free access to a computer-based grammar checker called SentenceWorks. This is a great tool for writing assignments, so encourage your students to check it out! Note that your students MUST use their CCCS system email accounts in order to use this service.

The student wiki has information for students about both of these applications. See http://students.ccconline.org/index.php?title=NetTutor.

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