Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2006 Gold Medal Faculty

Every year each program chair nominates a small number of the instructors with whom they work for the Gold Medal Faculty award. Gold Medal Faculty must have achieved matrix 2 status for the previous year and must be a stand-out intructor beyond that.

Biographies and piuctures were posted in the eating area for the conference. We also expect to have them up on the CCCOnine website shortly.

This year's awardees are:

Accounting: Betty McKie

Languages and Literature: Richard Thomas, Jennifer Ray, Sean Law, Ed Raetz

Arts and Humanities: Chris Levesque, Janke Camp, Cherry Ellis, Donna Wickham

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Derek Lopez and Kathy Rousset

Mathematics: (The Digital Content Team) Cheryll Wingard, Louis Sass, Dean Barchers, Erica Johnson, Heidi Barrett, Jon Sherrill, James Gray

Business: Sharon Taylor, Wendy Lewis

Criminal Justice: Diane VanOs

Computer Technology: Phyllis Dobson, Kevin Stever

Sciences: Dan Branan, Trina Riegael, Jessy Devasia, Jess Huguley, Dave Trott

Early Childhood/Education: Jan Ferrari

Nursing: Stephanie Beplay, Kathy Kohler

Congratulations Everyone!


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