Friday, September 01, 2006

End of Day 3, Beginning of Day 4

It was a tough night for the night owls. Sometime after 8:30 or so it became pretty difficult, if not impossible to get in to Vista. David and the WebCT support team were able to correct that, but it took until this morning (about 10 minutes ago). You all should be able to get in to Vista again, so give it a try and let David know if you can't. Probably you will still need to clear cookies, your cache, etc.

Fortunately this was only a problem at CCCOnline. We turned off SSL to try to speed things up and that caused Vista to not play well with our entry page. None of the other colleges had that problem.

CE students only have problems if for some reason they are not in the CE databse. We still are missing around 100 students, but are adding them as fast as we find them. I added almost 20 from and ENG 121 class yesterday afternoon. There may still be large blocks like that out there, but we don't think so.

So... be patient with your students. Most of them should be able to login by the end of today.


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