Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rainy Morning

Hi Everyone-

Alice Bedard-Voorhees, our Associate Academic Dean, says we have over 130 participants registered for the faculty conference tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone! We have many wonderful workshops planned plus the chance to have lunch with your colleagues. If you are still wondering how to get there, you will find maps on ACC's website at

Stephen Downes' OLDaily had a link to a directory of open access journals today that you may find useful. It's available at There seems to be more than one online journal for almost every discipline now, probably including yours.


Vista Gradebook Note: If you use partial points in your grading be aware that Vista will round those to the nearest whole number for display purposes unless you set the gradebook to show decimals. So a 3.5 will look like a 4 to your students unless you set the column to show the places after the decimal. This can cause your students to believe they have earned a higher grade than you think they have earned. We have a couple of cases where rounding did change the final grade, so be careful you are clear with your students.


See you tomorrow,

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