Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hi Everyone-

Today credit hours are up just over 11% over census day last year. Of course we aren't to census day yet, so we have some drops to go. I am still hoping for a flat fall 1 though. We are starting to see some growth in the fall 2 enrollment, so I hope you are saving some time and energy for those classes.

Most of the student access problems have been solved. We had a whopping 9 new support forms sent in on Monday; the majority of those were students with session 2 classes or classes with other colleges. Only 2 were still access issues. You should see all of your students this week. :^) If you haven't please email them at their external email address and remind them to come to class. (Vista faculty -- those email addresses reside in the manage students section of the CE shell mirroring your Vista shell.)

Judy Patrick has emailed all students again reminding them to login.

The Tech Team has figured out a work around for the access issues some Vista faculty were having, so I don't believe you will see that again.

We'd love to see all of you at this fall's faculty conference -- September 22nd at ACC. You can register now (link was a couple of posts ago). We're trying to get a headcount for food so we don't under-order. (We did that one year. 60 of you registered, but 80 came. Some of us didn't get to eat, that tends to make people crabby.) Dean Alice has a great list of workshops plus we have time scheduled for discipline meetings so you can talk with your fellow faculty.

Hope to see you there!


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