Monday, September 18, 2006

Course dupe information David sent to your chair

Hi Everyone-

Below is the text of the email David Chatham, Dean of Academic Technology, sent to your chairs regarding the course duping process for fall 2. Note th number of times he tries to make sure faculty have been contacted before we dupe to make sure we get the correct section. :^)

Hi there,

I hope you survived the beginning of Fall. Fall 2 is around the corner, so I wanted to provide you with a little more direction on the dupe process that can begin on Friday. When you go to create a dupe request, you will immediately face the decision of whether to request a Vista dupe or a CE dupe, just like you did for Fall 1.

[I suggest you pre-organize what is on Vista and what is on CE before you get to this stage. Of course, discussing this with your faculty first is also helpful. Sometimes changes have to be made, but I noticed this time as in times past that things that have to be changed after they are duped are more likely to be really screwed up. The process maps the courses and instructors to the students that get loaded, and our problem areas this semester were those few courses that for whatever reason, had to be re-done. Like I said, sometimes when an instructor quits in the eleventh hour there isn't anything you can do.]

On the CE side, it is the same process. Select the courses, sections, instructor, assign and submit to the WebCT administrator. Use the comment field to communicate to me something special or the dupe source, if not seen in the selection boxes.

On the Vista side, you will not be able to select the dupe source, but I intend for you to tell me in the new comment box, what to use. All courses in Vista for Fall 2 already have one running in Fall 1. I need the Course - Section - Instructor to find the right one. All that information is readily seen on your Chair login for Vista: adXX07F.

Designers will see your requests and if they have questions about it, they will let me know or perhaps contact you. If you have faculty that will be doing multiple sections but not necessarily in order, your request might represent this type of pattern for a Vista request:

BIO201C21 Aarthi Ramesh - [Comment: dupe from BIO201C12 07F]
BIO201 C22 Jessy Devasia - [Comment: dupe from BIO201C11 07F]
BIO201 C23 Jessy Devasia - [dupe from C22 when it is ready]
BIO201 C24 Aarthi Ramesh - [dupe from C21 when it is ready]

So, if we allow the instructor some time to setup his course, then once you have confirmed the section is ready, I can dupe the others and save faculty that setup time.

Also, your request maybe for the template. If the faculty are using a common template and there are no significant changes from the current Fall 1 section, you can request the common template for that courses. Be sure to discuss with faculty first.




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