Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rosters in Banner (or not)

Hi Everyone-

We have received requests for rosters from several of you. Unofrtunately the best we can do at this time are the rosters that are currently loaded into your CE and Vista gradebooks. The CE version is best since that version includes the student email addresses. (Vista faculty should have access to a CE shell with the email addresses. You also should have received an email from David Chatham with your student's email addresses.)

I know some of you also want student phone numbers. Your best option is to ask students to send you those directly.

In the old student information system CCCOnline had it's own area; that is not true of Banner. In Banner we are spread out over all of the colleges. That means to get a roster you would have to log in and out of each section at each college. This semester you can't even do that as we didn't have the code written to officially assign you to your section at each college.

Going forward we are noting these problems and discussing how to best correct them. Meanwhile, everyone has less information than we are used to having. Sorry -- we will get better with time. We did have a meeting with the new CIO for the system. He is aware of our needs and is working on solutions with us.

Thanks for your patience!


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