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VistaVision Conference Descriptions and Registration

VistaVision and Beyond CCCOnline 2006 Conference
Friday September 22 Arapahoe Community College
To Register:

Opening Session:9 - 10:00
VistaVision and Beyond will open with a welcome and introduction of this year’s Gold Medal Faculty. Next, you’ll have the chance to hear from the CCCOnline Team, the people who assist with CCCOnline matters beyond your course content.
Panelists are John Schmahl, Director of Student Services, Roxanne Manske, Registrar, Judy Patrick, Advising, and Deb Michel, Student Support Desk, and Instructional Coordinator, Randy Macy.

Session I: 10:15 - 11:00

• Smarthinking Presents: Writing Services to CCCOnline. CCCOnline contracts with Smarthinking for tutoring services in a number of area. This session specifically provides information about writing services available to CCCOnline learners in your courses. Presenter: Jim Sigman

• Across the Board Faculty Panel: Come hear how Vista is serving tech-supported, hybrid, and fully online classes.
Presenters: Lee Christopher, Robbie McGurran, Mary Sloan, Dave Trott, Dr. Gloria Griswold, and Dr. Kathy Winograd.

• Video Voodoo: An Odyssey in the Production of AV Content. Technology has enabled even the neophyte an opportunity to produce educational content for students. In this presentation, we follow the odyssey of one such person through the world of videography. Questions to be explored will concern the learning experience for the educator, writing script and content, planning the “shoot”, talent release forms, video and editing equipment, software, editing talents required and production. A recent video project will be used to illustrate the points about what is required to successfully produce a teaching or training video.
Presenter: Marge Vorndam

• Sandbox Lab: Come play with various applications for your courses. (with guides Beth Kitts and Phyllis Dobson)

• Learning Connections in Vista: Making the Most of Your Vista Tools (Vista Lab). Find out about Vista features that support increased usability for you and learners in your courses.
Presenters: Cheryl Comstock, Mary Cash, and Aaron Leonard.

Session II: 11:15 – Noon

• Keeping Them Coming Back for More: Discussion as a Retention Practice. Learners may think that discussion is an activity they just have to do for the grade, but discussion plays a part in connecting the learner to community and content, from course beginning to end.
Presenter: Diana Hart

• Creating Learning Objects for Your Courses: What’ All the Buzz About? What prompts instructors to decide that digital interactivities would increase engagement and learning? Two faculty present what prompted them to create Learning Objects/interactivies for Courses. Flash Designer Beth Kitts talks about her part in melding the ideas with the technology.
Presenters: Cherry Ellis, Becky Mangin, and Beth Kitts (Lab Session)

• No More Textbooks? Visiting the Digital Content Courses. CCCOnline has three courses (History 101, MAT 121, and BUS 216) which contain all materials within their virtual walls. (Some can be printed). Come look at and hear about these innovations and what this means for learners.(Lab Session)
Presenters: Rhonda Epper and Karen Kaemmerling (Lab Session)

• Giving and Getting: Building, Sharing, and Using Content within the Higher Education Community. CCCOnline has a membership with a consortium that can provide content for use in our courses. Find out what the possibilities are for CCCOnline courses.
Presenter: Terri Rowenhorst, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education

• Showing the Way: How to use Vista “descriptions” to provide an instructional chain for assignments, discussion and more. Use Vista tools to create a path through the course content, so learners can more clearly understand what they are supposed to do, and more
easily focus on the learning activities.
Presenter: Kathy Miles

Discipline/Program Meetings:Noon - 2:00 (Rooms listed in Conference Schedule)
Labs are open from 12:30 – 2:00 for those not in scheduled program meetings.)

Round Tables Discussions: 2:15 – 3:00The Round Table discussions provide an opportunity to sample short topics with a facilitator and peers. Each session will last 20 minutes and then you’ll be able to move to another table and another topic. ((Main Dining Room, M 1900)

Topics include
• Meet the Vista Volunteers (Your change to get an autograph or even a photograph!)
• Course Mapping (Phyllis Dobson)
• Now about the QA….
• Where Does it Hurt? (Visit with Dr. V’s PA’s)
• Looking Into the Future: Vista’s Application Pack (LisaMarie Johnson)
• Bringing Guest Experts to Your Classes (Alice Bedard-Voorhees)

Session III: 3:15 - 4:00

• Connecting Discussions to the to the Grade book in Vista: A Love-Hate Story Vista now offers a way to link discussions to the grade book for more efficient grading of discussions. Experienced presenters explain how it’s done. (Vista Lab Location)
Presenters: Aarthi Ramish and Jose Garcia-Paine

• What in the Virtual World: Learning Experiences in Virtual Environments (Introducing Second-Life and Others) Virtual simulation environments offer new “classroom” settings and learning at a different level. See them and learn about which features and considerations are pertinent to educators. (Sandbox Lab Location)
Presenter: Rick Hadley

• Lively Math Discussions: A Brainstorming Session
Looking for livelier discussions in math courses? Come brainstorm topics and strategies with three experienced online math faculty!
Facilitators: Mary Sloan, Ann Piletic, Louis Sass

• Sandbox Lab: Last chance of the day to play in the sandbox

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