Monday, March 05, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

Hi Everyone-

Sunday morning we all spring forward an hour to daylight savings time. This may be a little problematic in that our computers don't expect to spring forward for another three weeks. Blackboard is updating the Vista server and Vista itself, but it's a complex process, so they do request that users check the time on their various tools after the daylight savings time change this weekend. There are too many variables like when the particular tool function was created, when the time was set in a section tool, when the patch is run on the server. To be safe, faculty should check after the daylight savings time takes effect and make sure the hour time hasn't changed by one hour.

David also sent me information re Java: "JRE 1.5.0 Update 6 has the daylight savings time update. System computers are supposed to have the update. They can check their version on their home computer and get needed updates and information at"

Your learners may or may not update their computers to match the correct time, so please be aware that we may have three weeks of students with assignments that are 1 hour late or at least time stamped one hour late.

You may also need to update your own personal computers. For those of you with windows PC's Microsoft has more information on that available at I also glanced at the apple website and it looks like there is a patch there for apple users.

Some very good news -- John tells me only 5% of our spring learners have dropped so far; census day is Wednesday, so that is very good news. Thanks you so much for all of your retention efforts!


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