Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Student Opportunity

Dear Faculty:

I need your assistance finding a female student who fits into the category of Stuck in a Rut - just getting by with her job but needs some help moving forward.

Andrea Beaumont, a producer for Good Morning America has contacted CCCOnline for piece they are doing on March 30 in three different cities. You can see Andrea’s exact request below. She’s getting the most response in Denver on the “Stuck in a Rut” category and that’s where we fit. Here are our tasks:

I need to put Andrea in contact with our student to Andrea ASAP! They want to interview and profile the woman THIS WEEK. They have a career counselor who will meet with her and give her some free advice, etc. The piece will demonstrate how online learning is a great option to help you get OUT of a rut.

On March 30, starting at 5 a.m., GMA wants to host a gathering of about 200 women for this segment that will air live from Denver. Our student profile will air that day and she will be a guest. Andrea asked if there might be a location where WE could host the 200 women and live broadcast. She had that idea on the spot. We are still working on this piece, but it is completely separate from my request for faculty.

Please get your answers to me as soon as you can so we don’t miss this opportunity! My email address is Jennifer.Frank@cccs.edu. Please don't email Lisa or Rhonda, just me.

Jennifer Elizabeth Frank


Marketing Manager

Financial Aid Advisor

9026 E. Severn Place

Denver, CO 80230

720-858-2738 Work

720-323-8345 Cell

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