Monday, March 19, 2007

Get Some Style--Teaching Style Workshop April 2 - 13

Teaching With Style

Style……….everyone has their own and we’re not talking What Not To Wear!

Learning Styles are how we take in and process information to effectively learn. You may like to read step-by-step instructions whereas your best friend may like to actually plunge in and do the task a number of times in order to understand it. Or perhaps you remember what you hear but your friend remembers best what she sees in a picture or a chart.. Because of such differences we most likely learn in very different ways.

Additionally, did you realize that for the first time ever, there are four possible generations of learners in our classroom: Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y (The Millennials). All four generations come from a different mind-set based on personal and cultural experiences, and thus they each learn much differently.

How do these learning-style and generational differences translate into our teaching and its effect on our students’ learning? What implications are there for course design? You will engage in a variety of exploratory activities as you work individually and with each other in this fast-paced workshop examining the world of Learning Styles.

What you will get:
· Information on common Learning Styles and methods for measuring them.
· Information on Intergenerational Learning Styles and preferences.
· Information on your own learning style.
· Information on implications for designing course activities in alternative learning style.
· Practice in designing course activities to engage and support different styles.

What: Teaching With Style -- CCCOnline training workshop

Where: All Online

When: April 2-13

How: Register at

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