Thursday, March 01, 2007

Last day to drop reminder sent to students

The following reminder was sent to all session 2 students today.


This note is a reminder that you have until Wednesday March 7, 2007, to drop your CCCOnline delivered Spring session 2 course(s) with a refund.

If you do not plan to drop your course(s) or have already dropped your course(s) please disregard this reminder.

Session 2 courses are those courses with a section ID starting C2* (example ENG 121C21)

Please note that due to the large size of CCCOnline courses, we split courses into multiple sections (C22, C23, etc.), therefore, your online section may not be C21, however, if you want to drop the course, you will need to drop the C21 section at your college.

**Contacting your instructor(s) will NOT result in your being dropped or withdrawn from your course(s)**

To DROP your course(s):

- go to or your home college web site
- click on the Self-Service Banner link for your home college
- select Login and enter your Student ID and 6-digit student PIN
- click Enter
- select the Student Menu and then the Registration Menu
- select Add or Drop Courses and follow the steps to get to your Current Schedule of
- on your Current Schedule, use the Drop Down box under Action and select Drop
- Click Submit Changes at the bottom of the page
- check your Current Schedule to make sure the course(s) has been dropped

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or your home college.

Thank you for your time and we hope you continue to have a great and successful semester!
CCCOnlineStudent Services1.800.801.5040

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