Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Phone and Pen (Cursor) ?

How do we articulate what we have learned—by our developed thinking, writing, and speaking skills. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about finding the balance between assessments requiring only writing.

The thinking also relates to a GT (Guaranteed Transfer Course) competency that is out there…“Communicate orally and in writing about the content.”

With the evolution of phone casting, there are now some opportunities to allow student to demonstrate some of the learning via the phone.

So today, I posted the option to a class to submit a case study in written or spoken format using my paid gabcast account ($6/month). Students could also submit sound files by recording them on their desktops using software like Audacity or Garage Band.

BTW, though the students will submit them via phone, they won’t be published on the web. Stay tuned…I’ll report back.

Cheers, Alice

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