Friday, March 02, 2007

Faculty Practice: Mid-Term Student Survey from Linda Rowley

OSH Faculty Linda Rowley recently shared this mid-term practice--she sends this anonymous survey to her students and makes mid-course corrections to improve the course experience rather than waiting till the end of the term. Thanks for sharing this practice, Linda!


Instructions: For simplicity, rate each on a 1-3 scale. 1 – needs improvement 2 – satisfactory 3 – excellent OR respond to open-ended questions with your own remarks.

1. About the course
a. The syllabus was clear and easy to understand.
b. The schedule page is organized and lists the course assignments and due dates.
c. The Start Here page adequately explained how to begin the course.
d. The assessment techniques (discussions, quizzes, assignments) used in this course allow me to demonstrate and build my skills and knowledge.
e. Instructions for course navigation (e.g., turning in assignments, taking exams, participating in discussions) were adequately explained.
f. Other comments?

2. A student self-assessment
a. Are you achieving your learning and educational goals in this class?
b. I am engaged in the weekly discussions.
c. My responses to other learners helps build on information, offer new perspectives, and engage in discussions.
d. I am motivated to read other materials related to the chapters or discussions.
e. How would you rate on a self-assessment?
f. Other comments?

3. About the class
a. Other students help me to learn.
b. Other students provide meaningful discussion postings.
c. Other students post frequently.
d. Students in the class are supportive, and provide a good network for me.
e. Other comments?

4. About the instructor
a. The instructor encourages students to actively participate in the class through email, announcements, and discussion.
b. The instructor challenges students to think/analyze/evaluate.
c. The instructor relates the subject matter to other classes, college programs, life and/or employment.
d. The instructor encourages the students to ask questions and/or express opinions.
e. The instructor is engaged and responsive to students.
f. Other comments?

5. What is working well in this course?

6. What could be better?

7. Other comments?

To all CCCOnline Faculty: Do you have some course feedback and response techniques you use with learners in your courses? Please share yours in the Comments :).

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Anonymous said...

Hello all.. Alice suggested I post these comments/questions here:

I regularly ask learners for feedback directly when communicating by email with them or in grade follow-ups. Also, I use an anonymous "Rant & Rave" discussion asking for feedback... there is also the "Ask the Instructor" style discussion, which is good for a formative evaluation for needs in the course (information related and otherwise).

The idea of a midterm survey is good though… here are some questions for Linda and anyone else using this formative evaluation technique:

1. What is you usual response percentage (greater or lesser than 50%, for example)?

2. Do you set the survey with selective release so that learners cannot proceed in the course unless they take it?

Thanks in advance for your responses...

Lisa Marie Johnson