Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cool Color Changes

Hi Everyone-

The design team would like me to remind you that it's probably not a great idea to make random changes in the colors used in your courses (background colors for pages for example). Sometimes you will have pedagogical reasons to make a color change -- for emphasis maybe. In those cases go ahead and make the change. Be sure to keep accessability issues in mind when choosing colors - no red on green or orange with brown and be sure to use plenty of contrast.

If you don't have a pedagogical reason for changing colors we'd rather you didn't for reasons of course consistency and readability. The design team researched online reading and discovered that a very dark blue on a barely off white background is easiest on eyes, so we've tried to stay there wherever possible.

We're also still discussing how to best use the media library - that's why it isn't on the menu bar yet. We also have an external media library in the works. We're still thinking about which to use when and how. That means if you start using the media library we will probably bring you in on discussions for when and how we should use it versus CLEO (the external library we are working on). (I think that might be a threat, but go ahead... :^))

Brightly yours,


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