Monday, May 24, 2010

D2L Course Readiness Reminders

As you prepare your courses for the summer term, you MUST do the following items:

1. Reset your homepage (this is most likely why your instructor widget that you created in the spring isn’t appearing on the course homepage).

2. Clean up unused tools on the course navigation bar.
Please note that you should NOT make inactive the following tools: Classlist; Content; Discussions; Dropbox (deactivate if NOT using dropbox items); Grades; Import/Export/Copy Components; Intelligent Agents; Links; News; Question Collections; Quizzes (deactivate if NOT using Quizzes); SCORM; SIS Holding Tank; User Profile; User Progress

3. Run the Grades Wizard. If you don’t run the grades wizard you are likely to have problems at the end of the term with your grade book and final points. Check now to be sure your total points in the final calculated column matches what you say in the syllabus is the possible points for the course.

Please send your questions directly to me at or go to the Faculty Gateway and use the Profhelp form for additional assistance.

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