Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New No-Show Process for Summer

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Over the past few semesters, you may have seen an increase in the number of "inactive" students whose names remain in your course for the entire term. In an effort to identify students who do not intend to actively participate in courses, CCCOnline has implemented a new no-show policy and process.

In the past, no-show students were identified simply as those students who never logged into a course. Beginning with summer term, you are asked to require that students 1) post in the introductory discussion and 2) complete a graded, content-related assignment or assessment (not a syllabus quiz or similar assignment) prior to census date (June 16).

Many of you may already have an assignment of this type that is due before census date; for those of you who do not, please modify your course to meet this new guideline. If you have concerns about how best to accomplish this in your course(s), please talk with your program chair.

You will receive instructions after summer term begins regarding how to report no-show students.

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