Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer 2010 Course Readiness Reminders

Below are a few reminders as you prepare for your summer courses:

-once your course is created or duped, you will receive a Course Verification e-mail (you will receive a separate e-mail for each course you are teaching)
-within 72 hours of receiving this e-mail, you should check your course’s content to ensure it is correct; verify the course content through the link in the e-mail or the Faculty Gateway
-prior to the Thursday before classes begin, complete the items at the First-Day QA Checks section on the Faculty Wiki
-after you have completed these First-Day Check items, verify your course as “ready” in the Faculty Gateway. Once your course is ready, we will QA Check it (using the First-Day QA Checks criteria).
-please note that in addition to completing your First-Day Check items, you must complete all items at the Readiness Checklist by midnight on Sunday before classes begin

Thank you!

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