Friday, May 07, 2010

Ending the Term

***Please do not reply to this message. Instead, email me directly at with questions or comments.***

Well, we've all survived another exciting term. . .our first term fully online with D2L! I hope you and your students found it to be effective and easy to use!

Please remember these tips as the term draws to a close:

1) The Final Grades column in D2L must be released in order for students to view their grades, so please be sure to release the grades in your classes if you haven't already done so. This isn't an automatic process, but requires you to complete just a few steps in the gradebook. For help, please see the wiki information at

2) Post an announcement or send an email to your students to let them know the last day you will be checking the class and to tell them how to reach you outside the class if they have questions about grades, etc.

3) Be sure to calculate and submit your final grades no later than Thursday, May 13. You should have received information from student services about how to submit your grades, how to determine last date of attendance, etc. If you have questions, please contact

4) You should also have received information about the incomplete form and grade change form. If you plan to give an incomplete, please be sure to complete and return the required form. If you have questions about this process, please contact or your program chair.

5) Finally, have a GREAT break between classes, and if you're not teaching this summer, enjoy the time off. Thanks for all your hard work.

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