Thursday, May 13, 2010

Student Privacy and the Faculty Listserv

Everyone, we've reminded you a few times about the reasons not to reply to posts you receive that are obviously intended for all faculty. Those messages come to you from the faculty blog and are visible there as well as via email to your inbox. When you reply to those, whether or not you use "reply" or "reply to all," your replies go to multiple people in our office.

Most times, it's not critical other than the fact that it may slow down a response to you and it fills up our inboxes. However, I'm concerned that I've seen several messages regarding confidential student information and incompletes pass through this system, and that could present a privacy concern for students.

Please be certain to email that kind of information directly to the individual to whom it is intended. For example, all information regarding incomplete grades or grades in general should go directly to or

Thank you!

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