Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Final Grades!

We are noticing some problems and errors in course grades in D2L because of grade books not being setup correctly. Please verify your grades before posting to the Gateway! Double check the final calculated grades like you used to do, instead of counting on D2L to add it correctly for you.

Do you have extra columns in your grades? - extra columns will cause the Final Calculated Grades to not total correctly
1. You can delete them.
Step by Step instructions: http://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Grades#How_do_I_delete_unnecessary_Gradebook_columns.3F

2. Or mark them as “Exclude from final grade calculation” .
Step by step instructions: http://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Grades#How_to_I_Exclude_items_from_the_Final_Calculated_Grade.3F

Is the Final Calculated Grades totaling the correct number of possible points (after all extra columns are removed)?
1. If not, most likely you selected to Drop Ungraded Items when you ran the Grades Wizard at the beginning of the term. You now need to either return to the wizard and select treat ungraded items as zero or manually enter zeroes for students who missed work.
Step by Step instructions: http://at.ccconline.org/faculty/wiki/Tech_Tools_-_D2L_-_Grades#How_do_change_the_setting:_select_treat_ungraded_items_as_0_.22zero.22.3F

If you are struggling or are not confident with what to do, contact your D2L mentor or log into the Faculty Gateway and select the Profhelp link for assistance.

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