Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Late Work Update

Hi everyone-

I just filled up your email boxes, for which I humbly appologize. I thought I turned off the email forward from this blog, but obviously did not.

I've gotten so many good comments re the Late work policies posts that I finally decided to just post them in the comment section to the original post, so please go take a look at them there.

Al Turner is running an experiment for us -- Al was my textbook faculty for strict no late work rules (and yet I never had a student complain - so if you want to go the very strict route please talk to Al about how to handle that so students still think you are the kindest instructor they ever had.) This semester he is going to waive that policy and try the other end of the spectrum -- recommended due dates, but nothing firm until the week before the term ends. (And no, I didn't even suggest this. :^)) Al, we expect to hear from you next spring.

From a pedagogical perspective I think the half-back option provided by Bill Kiele is awesome. Anything that talks students into reviewing and reviewing again will be good for learning and retention. A long time ago I used to let students correct exams and re-write essays for extra credit -- at some point I stopped, now I think I will have to revive that pracitice.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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