Friday, November 17, 2006

Post conference call updates on Vista

Hi Everyone-

We have decided to not decide on a Thanksgiving day upgrade to application pack 1 and service pack 1. Turns out we have to install the fix to the upgrade tool before we do the upgrade and that takes 30 hours, putting our total estimated downtime at 47 hours. The recommendation from BB changed between conference calls in a 30 minute period today -- that also makes us very nervous.

So.. the downside is that no one knows what is causing the rogue code that is eating up system ram to run. The only solution we have to that issue at this time is a complete system re-boot. That means if we slow down again we will be down long enough to perform the re-boot.

The upside is, no scheduled downtime and we won't have to deal with the known issues in application pack 1.

We have more calls scheduled for next week. I will continue to pass on information as I have it.


Thanks to everyone for your patience and hard work this semester!


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