Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Server Time - Vista

From David:

Time on assessments, assignments, discussion posts advanced by two hours after the Thursday upgrade on nodes. I began getting email that the time was wrong on Saturday from one Math instructor. When I checked my email early Sunday morning, it seemed that the time was okay on Vista. I asked the instructor from Saturday's note to check and he responded it was now okay.

I heard from another CCCOnline instructor that it was off early Monday morning. I checked and others also checked her course and could not see the time as wrong, yet I have screen shots showing that indeed the time was off on Monday 5 AM in her course.

I heard again yesterday afternoon that the time was wrong, off two hours, from PPCC. In this case, the instructor took screen shots also of the issue, then logged out and back in and the time corrected itself. He also sent screen shots of this.

Fall-out on this has been some disagreement between instructors and students as to when their assignments / posts, etc were actually submitted, if they had the misfortune to do so close to the time it was to close.

As far as I can tell, the situation resolves itself but it has caused confusion in a few cases. A ticket was submitted to make BB aware of the issue so that we can prevent it during any other maintenance session.

Please just be aware of a possible issue when you talk with your students.



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Lisa Cheney-Steen said...

This issue was caused by the addition of two nodes on Friday night (from 5 to 7 nodes) -- the two additional nodes were set for eastern time instead of mountain time. Students who accessed the Vista application via the two new nodes had the incorrect time stamped on assignments, discussions, etc.

This situation will be corrected tonight.