Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maintenance Window for Vista Thanksgiving morning

Blackboard is planning on installing a patch that may help the rogue querie problem Thanksgiving morning from midnight to 4:00 am. THey will need to bring the system down during that time. I truly hope there aren't many of you who were hoping to be online at that time. :^)

I am hearing from quite a few of you regarding late work policies. Karen commented that she doesn;t ask learners to give a reason for late work when it is less than a week. After that she imposes a penalty. Kevin extends deadlines during holidays as a part of active and empathetic course management. He also leaves the dropbox open for an extra 2 days automatically -- although he doesn't advertise that fact.

This semester of course most of you teaching in Vista are being very relaxed about deadlines.

Thanks for the feedback!


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